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I like software, cheese, cocktails, gadgets, technology, beaches, sunsets, hipster burgers, Sunday afternoons and London. In no particular order. I’m currently taken a break from a couple of these, well technology, software and London to go see a little bit more of the world.

Previously I’ve delivered software to financial institutions across several business functions. Meaning I've performed business analysis, development, project management, testing, support and pretty much anything else that falls within client orientated software development.

My real passion is creating modern innovative software that adds value to businesses, which is what I want to focus on in the future along with learning more about UI/UX, data mining and AI. Ideally while getting to travel more.

I like meeting new people, so email me: tim@timothyreynolds.co.uk


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I've given up on the whole blog thing. I just never get round to writing stuff down but if you're interested in something I've done etc please talk to me....

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